Enbisys is a team of professionals
We're committed to work and perform
under high pressure.
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We provide first-class solutions in the field of information and communication technologies, solutions for a flexible, strong and reliable company and relying on professional knowledge, team and relationships with our customers.

The "Flex" platform was developed, which
allows creating solutions with flexible adjustment
in the field of personnel management
oriented to the European market
Company FlexSoft
Our history
Platform Flex
patented in Russia

The company entered the market of industrial automation. The Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation assigned the company
the status of a resident of the Special Economic Zone
Entering the market of industry

The new technical direction of Java EE
has opened in connection with the introduction
of corporate information systems on the market
New direction

"FlexSoft" company started work on projects
in the fields of healthcare, telecommunications,
education and retail.
Areas of work

With the release of a new level of business development, the company rebranded and registered a new trademark. There was a new name for Enbisys, which means Entreprise Business Systems – Corporate Business Systems.
The laboratory of machine learning technologies Enbisis Lab, specializing in deep training of neural networks (Deep Learning)
Enbisys has dozens of completed information systems. The portfolio of projects is regularly updated with new developments for customers of EU and USA
Development of Enbibys
Our work is a complex solution of the customer's problems, which includes consulting, analytics, engineering, training and support. The company meets the needs of customers in stable, scalable and efficient solutions.The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Our development process enables rapid learning and improvement through short iteration cycles.
Who we are
Our team consists of around 30 development professionals, including developers, software architects, software engineers,
and project managers.
Max Holden
Founder & Art Director
Eva Stark
Customers Support
Julia Bush
Design Director
Carlos Lott
Marketing Director
What do we love and do?
We love technological challenges
To create
We want to create something new
love to work in modern teams
We love to work fast
Want to transfer knowledge and expertise
We answer the requests of the market
Let's start a new project together