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Interactive Educational systems
Interactive Educational systems (including Mobile applications) are our contribution
to the smarter world. We believe in importance of life-long learning and we want
children all around the globe to learn with joy and at their own pace.
Our AI tools enable individual approach for every student out there.
IT has been introduced to Learning and education quite a long time ago. Now, it's so much easier to adapt the learning process and course content for every student, challenge them to learn with greater efficiency and make learning actually an exciting process that one would like to practice during their whole life.

Our developed products feature personalized Learning paths, offer options to introduce vast content and are very convenient to be used in the learning process by students, teachers and all involved parties.

Healthcare implementing IT technologies
Following all the required protocols and industry standards we
create clearly functioning solution to the benefit
of all parties who utilize it.
Our services
We work with clinical and administrative workflows and data stack such as ADT, laboratory results, observations, medication orders, billing
We follow common healthcare industry standards and nomenclatures: UB, ICD, CPT, DSM, SNOMED, LOINC, NCD, RxNorm, DiagnosisRx, and radiology imaging (DICOM)
We've got expertise in building secure Digital Health Solutions in the cloud environment
We use AI tools. Our Clients benefit from using wage bills, forecasting possible outcomes with neural networks, discovering hidden patterns in historical data.
Over the past several years, machine learning has taken center stage as a technology of the future. It has been proven to be more accurate than humans at almost every visual inspection task, regardless of industry or vertical. As a result, it is possible for business to take advantage of such technology to gain a competitive edge and cut costs.

At Enbisys Lab our software engineers and data scientists with majors in Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning) / DL (Deep Learning) develop specific solutions for medical laboratories, enabling them to benefit extremely from utilizing the most efficient software.

AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare
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