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Enterprise Business Systems is your partner for delivery of cutting edge technologies
to grow your business rapidly
Key benefits
The goal of our collaboration is to provide the most valuable technical solution for your business
Distributed teams
Our high-skilled professionals use Agile methods to work closely with your experts
Guarantee and predictability
ENBISYS provides you with the exact solution you expect. You get support from us during the whole process
Mutual knowledge growth
We transfer knowledge and expertise. Developed software is the Intellectual Property of our Clients
Fast delivery
We offer perfect timing for your Product delivery so you can get the best business opportunities
Fair pricing
Efficient full-stack development allows us to offer you the most reasonable price for on-time delivery
Technology of tomorrow
You reach out to all the modern technologies by developing your Product with us.
Our services
Once we start we provide full cycle of IT production. We focus on the most critical
points of solution taking care of your challenges. We identify your specific
pains and suggest proper service to solve them
With cross-functional teams we perform full-stack development including UI/UX designs,
Front-end and Back-end. We are gurus
of Cloud based and Mobile apps.
IT Consulting
We examine your IT Product and Infrastructure both technically and from business side. It leads to qualified
Report and Action Plan of optimal solution for your
business like new product development or redesign
or even recovery of your distressed software.
Every bright Idea needs initial Market testing with
new Product or Feature. Using Customer Development methodology we build your scalable MVP fast. Rapid Prototyping is a great way to visually describe
how a concept will play out in a final product.
AI research
We apply state of the art Machine Learning algorithms, designed to increase Product value exponentially.
Our Clients benefit from using AI technologies reducing
wage bills, forecasting possible outcomes with neural networks, discovering hidden patterns in historical data.
Years in Software development
Our experience in IT Services yields more than 12 years. Accumulated exceptional technical knowledge and communication skills provide perfect collaboration to our Clients
High-skilled professionals
in the team
Most of our experts have 6+ years of experience in various projects. The team continuously improves technical skills and masters best practices. We are devoted to the Projects we are involved in
Clients worldwide
Our Clients work in different fields including Healthcare, edTech, Retail, Real Estate, Oil&Gas. We support them with suitable technical solutions to their challenges
Projects completed
Executed in due time our Projects help Clients to achieve business goals. We exceed Client' expectations in robust IT solutions specified for certain business needs
Building IT solutions for our Clients we focus on each
Industry' specific needs. Some you can see below
Oil & Gas
We are involved in Medical Information Systems development following Industry standards. Integration, specific protocols, variety of Stakeholders — everything is considered in such Projects. We are experts in dealing with Sensitive information providing robust reliable solution.
Our Cloud-based EdTech Products utilise Adaptive learning algorithms and AI Technologies to efficiently speed up the learning process. Developing such complex High-load Cross-platform Applications requires constant maintenance and improvement.
We widely implement AI technologies to Retail market. Inventory needs prediction and Behavioral tracking with Cameras are some of our Projects. As well we have experience of building Sales and CRM applications, e-Commerce solutions, 3D visual design tools. We provide integration with current Retail systems and migration to modern technology platforms.
Oil & Gas
For the last 10 years we worked closely with Oil&Gas industry. We have our own Product for Well Diagnostics and Visualisation that also provides Historical data logging and trending. Machine Learning technologies enable Failure analysis and prediction with sufficient accuracy.
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