Migration to ASP.NET, Angular and Microservices

Staying competitive with smooth system reengineering
The Client
PHARMEON BV – eHealth software developer
Angular, ASP.NET 4.6, WCF, MS SQL, Custom Microservice orchestration system, Continuous Integration with, Teamcity and Octopus


Pharmeon has planned migration of its architecture from the legacy ASP technology stack to a new solution. What they needed:
content management system
wider choice of features
responsive and simple customizable UI design
At a later stage, new project requirements arose, such as the smooth production of new features, system scalability, reasonable maintainability and many other.


Initially, ENBISYS experts have carefully analyzed the Client's Product. We gave recommendations to rearrange the system into microservice architecture to keep it more stable, maintainable and scalable. Classic distributed SCRUM teams were built.

Following the first improvements, Client acquired more customers and the system load reached 1 million. This led to the next challenge – we needed to improve the system performance and minimize the time spent on customer support.


Redesign product while keeping current functionality and adding
new features
Technology Stack
For smooth product engineering
and refactoring
New Architecture
Fine-grained services and lightweight protocols
Working in 3 distributed SCRUM teams, ENBISYS engineers showed excellent communication skills and expertise. ENBISYS has become our valued partner improving our product as well as growing expertise in our own

Client's testimonial

Being engaged in the online support of medical clinics in the Netherlands for over 15 years, at some point we realized that we needed new tech solutions to remain competitive and provide the best customer service.

ENBISYS analyzed our product and advised reingeneering to micro-services. Maintaining the system while moving to a new technology has been a challenge that we managed to overcome together.

Let's discuss your Case!
Let's discuss your Case!
Let's discuss your Case!